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 Squads and war

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PostSubject: Squads and war   Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:50 pm

We need to stay on Omen guys and gals.

If you are not already in a squad (a group of players who coordinate attacks together), talk to your neighbors and get into one. If you really can't find one poke a leader and we'll assign you to an existing one.

We've pushed Omen way back, but they seem to be re-organizing and prepping to try and take back momentum. Do NOT wait for the leaders to give you a target. If you have a squad, pick a player and a city...coordinate amongst yourselves and attack.

Use timed fakes to thin out possible resistance and keep the pressure on. Once you hit a target, try and keep your attacks mobolized, and keep their defenders moving (Hit a city, afterwards pick a new city and hit that one).

If you have questions, ask a leader and we'll help ya out.
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PostSubject: belarias   Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:55 pm

EDIT: don't post targets. there are spies!! -LS

when my troops return from hitting travesty[grainery des and flourmill destroy] i'm hitting *** so i can distract him and occupy his troops
anyone wanting to send fakes contact aure
attack set in around 20 hours
thanks Aure
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Squads and war
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